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What to Do if You Find Out You Are on an Email Blacklist

Finding out that your Internet protocol (IP) address is on an email blacklist can be very unnerving. It almost feels like you're trapped in a virtual jail cell, unable to communicate with potential customers because your email address has been repeatedly flagged as spam. You know you need to remedy the situation but might not know where to start. The information below will let you know what to do after learning that your IP address has been blacklisted.

Try to Get Your IP Address Off the List

Getting onto an email blacklist doesn't necessarily have to be an indefinite thing. If you take the right steps, you may be able to have your IP address taken off of the list so that you can communicate with other IP's once again.

Understand that nearly anyone with a bit of computer knowledge can create a blacklist. They each have different criteria concerning how an IP address is added to the list. While you certainly won't be able to check each and every list, you should definitely try to get your IP address off of the top blacklists. These are the ones created by reputable companies and that operate on an international level. You can visit this website to see a list of the top Domain Name Server Black Lists (DNSBL).

Go to these websites and enter your IP address so you can check your status in real time. If your IP appears in the lineup, there should be instructions listed for how to go about having it taken off the list.

Know How to Avoid the Blacklists

So, you've discovered that you're on a blacklist and actually had your IP removed. Now is the time to learn how to stay off of the lists. The best way to do this is to avoid sending out totally unsolicited emails. If a person did not visit your website and specifically request that they be apart of your email mailing list, don't send them anything. Just like you don't like to receive junk mail in the real world, most people don't enjoy wading through tons of spam emails just to get to the good stuff.

Being named on a blacklist doesn't have to be the end of your virtual world. Do what you have to do to get off of the lists and then make it your aim to remain off of them for good. To learn more, contact services that provide IPv4 transfer and IP blacklist removal services.

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