Becoming More Familiar With Technology

Understanding Multiple Tiers of IT Support

Information Technology (IT) solutions are more than just hiring a contractor to remove viruses or staffing an IT department. There are multiple levels of service requirements and many niches to fill, sometimes with the same technicians and other times with specialists from around the world.

Here are a few ways to gauge your IT department needs--or at least know how to articulate those needs in a way that will get you the right kind of help at a faster rate--here are a few business IT problems and the level of expertise needed to control your tech. 

Single-Tech Break/Fix Issues

For small businesses and home office workers, you don't need an entire IT department for your part of the job. You may have one computer and some network equipment, or a few additional tech devices to support, and there's usually one or two people needed to handle the repairs.

Many IT business solutions firms have a full roster of technicians who can handle your needs. In many cases, a single technician can install, repair, customize, and remove most of your IT needs. Anyone beyond an entry level position can handle most IT tasks even if they aren't familiar with a specific task by simply asking another technician for a guide, and even entry-level technicians can handle the tasks with basic supervision.

These basic tasks include installing, removing, and configuring operating systems and programs, installing and removing hardware, removing viruses, and making changes to a basic network with a standard home/entry-level business router.

Network Technicians

Network problems are where specialization begins to kick in. Although most technicians are expected to learn more about routers, switches, and hubs at some point in their career, many technicians can go their entire career without touching a router more than once per year.

Businesses that use multi-port switches of about 20 or more ports will likely need a specific network technician or someone with a networking certification. This is less about the difficulty of the job and more that networking devices have specific commands and techniques that aren't relevant to any other part of tech.

Beyond networking knowledge, cyber security is becoming a bigger concern. Knowing how to defend against hackers while stopping you or your employees from stumbling upon viruses that are meant to hit the highest number of targets possible has become its own industry.

While a few people are trained in avoiding viruses or ignoring phishing or scams through email, companies who have been the specific, direct, targeted victims of hackers will need someone who knows cyber security industry best practices.

Contact a business IT solutions professional from companies like Moving Forward IT to discuss other areas where you may need a higher or more specific tier of IT support. 

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