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How Managed Services Save Money Over Break-Fix Services

When something breaks within your IT architecture, the last thing you want is to have to wait for a break-fix solution to get your network up and running again. Instead, you have the option of a managed service that will detect when a problem will occur and will prevent it from occurring proactively.

How Break-Fix Solutions Work

Through the regular review of logs and user information, managed services can identify hints of issues that could evolve into more serious problems. These professionals could create sophisticated checklists to allow for issues to be more easily identified. 

The Limitations of Break-Fix Solutions

In the past, IT technicians would visit a workplace and may be able to identify a potential problem. However, they would not be able to identify problems that emerged on days when they were not visiting. If a problem were to emerge, you would have to call. However, with managed services, third-party professionals are able to identify when a problem emerges so it can be solved as soon as possible. This allows for customers to not have to be proactive in preventing IT problems.

The Benefits of IT Monitoring

Fortunately, with IT managed services software, your IT can be constantly monitored to make sure that an alert can be sent to a managed service provider. Rather than wasting the time of technicians, each alert that they receive will be something that is important and needs to be addressed.

Why Managed Services are So Important

Businesses increasingly rely on IT in order to get things done. For this reason, an IT outage can be much more costly than it was in the past and it is essential to get on top of any IT issues you might be facing. For instance, if your email server or a financial management app goes down, you may suffer productivity and financial losses as a result. 

Saving Money with Managed Services

Another advantage of managed services vs. break-fix services is that managed services tend to cost less. It is more efficient to remotely monitor what is occurring on your network and to fix problems before they happen than it is to try to fix a problem after it has happened. Break-fix services, on the other hand, require that a truck is constantly rolling to work sites to fix problems, which can drive up costs. Because managed services will save your company money in every possible way, compared with break-fix solutions, there is little reason not to contact managed services.

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