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3 Tips For Hosting Your First Website

You might watch numerous tutorials about building your first website, but when you sit down to purchase web hosting, you will quickly find the options are overwhelming. Knowing the best features to include in your web hosting plan will make it easier to start building a successful website.

Choose The Right Plan

The right web hosting plan will depend on your needs. If this is your first website and it is not attached to a current medium to large-sized business, a shared web hosting plan will be fine. Fortunately, as your website or business grows, most web hosting companies allow you to change your plan quickly. Make sure the number of domains you can connect to your account also works for your goals. Many people purchase web hosting so they can blog or engage in affiliate marketing. Since you might have several niches, you might want unlimited domains attached to your account. If you are simply building a website for a store that is already in existence, one domain and the option for additional sub domains might be enough.

Consider The Features

Some of the features that are part of your web hosting package will be storage space and bandwidth. Ideally, your web host will provide unlimited storage and bandwidth, but this is not always the case. If your website is not complex, such as a website for a small business or a simple blog, having caps on your store space might not pose problems. Uploading many pictures or graphics will consume storage space quickly and you must have unlimited storage space and bandwidth. If you have a cap on your bandwidth, you might not notice any problems in the beginnings of your website or at all, assuming there are not thousands of people on your website at once.

Preview The C-Panel

Before you spend money on any web hosting package, you should have the opportunity to try a free or low-cost trial. This way, you have the opportunity to try out the control panel (C-panel) to see what is available and how useful it is to new users. Some C-panels are mainly geared toward advanced users, who can easily upload their content management system (CMS) to the right directories. Novice website managers probably need a one-click install for their CMS. Generally, web hosts with user-friendly C-panels allow you to install your CMS and other features with a simple click. Other features you want to test are adding new domains or sub-domains and managing email accounts through your C-panel. These are common tasks you will need to perform when building a website.

Although buying hosting and starting a website can be overwhelming, it does not have to be. Starting with an all-inclusive shared-hosting plan is usually the least expensive route to get your website up and running.

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