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A Few Reasons To Have A Body Composition Analysis Done

Just because according to the "charts" you seem to be at the correct weight for your height does not mean that you are good to go. A body composition analysis is done to measure the amount of water, bone, fat, and muscle in your body. When it comes to your health, having the right fat-to-muscle ratio is important. Being overweight can have many unhealthy effects on your body and could be the cause of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition, if you are out of shape, you may feel more tired all the time, be more susceptible to catching any illnesses that are going around, and feel bad in general. Here are just a few ways a body composition analysis can help you become healthier.

The Road to a Healthy Body

When you can see how much fat is in your body vs how much muscle mass you have, it can be a good motivation to start exercising and watching what you eat. As you continue dieting and exercising, being able to see the change in your body composition can be even more motivation. Sometimes you will not see any changes on the scale, but there will be a shift in your fat-to-muscle ration. This will let you know that you are doing well and are on the right track. 

Stop Being a Skinny Fat

It is possible to be at a good weight and fit into your clothes nicely but still have a bad fat-to-muscle ratio. When this is the case, you are at a higher risk for heart disease. Do not be fooled into thinking you are healthy because of the reading on the scale. Consider your entire body composition and work to bring that into healthy ranges too. Talk with your doctor to find just how much fat is healthy in your body.

You may be surprised at how much better you feel when you have a healthy body. You won't feel as tired in the morning, you will digest your foods better, you will have more energy throughout the day, and you won't have as many aches and pains. This is all in addition to reducing your risk for serious diseases that could shorten your life. Being overweight is very dangerous to your health. However, having poor body composition can be even more dangerous because you are fooled into thinking you are healthy when you really are not so you do not visit your doctor. Many serious diseases go unnoticed until it is too late.

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