Becoming More Familiar With Technology

Finding Friends, Family Or Your Lost Love Online

It has been said that you can not hide today because people are easy to find on the internet. While there is some truth to that, it can be more difficult than one would think. There are some places to start and some things you can try, and if all else fails, there are some websites and companies that can help.

Social Media Sites

The internet is a vast place and if you are looking for someone on it, it can be overwhelming. This perhaps the most common form of online people search.The first place to look is pretty straightforward and since most people already use social media, it can make it easier for you. The larger social media sites are the best place to start. Millions of users make up the communities on those sites so if you are looking for someone, give it a try. Most social sights allow you to search by name, email address, or even a cell phone number so if you have enough information, it can start to narrow the search quickly. 

Start with the largest sites and if you don't find your friend, relative, or long lost love there, move to the next site. Keep in mind, if you have not talked to them in a long time, they may have married and had a new name, could have moved across the country or maybe avoiding old friends intentionally,

Career Networking Sites 

The next place you can look are sites that cater to professionals and people who want to connect with people in similar career fields. Most people that use these sites are using their full name and are looking to connect with people. It doesn't mean whoever you are looking for will be easy to find but it could help if you know what they do for a living and what part of the country they live in. You can often search by name and career so if you have both, give it a shot. 

Paid Services

If you are looking for someone and are not having any luck at all, there are some paid services that can help. Most of these sites start with things like name, address, phone numbers and so on. If you have tried all of that, the paid sites offer deeper searches and may even be able to do social security number searches and other types of searches that you won't be able to get without paying a fee. If you want to find them bad enough, there are many service like this so take the time to compare them and their pricing before you decide to go with one. 

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Becoming More Familiar With Technology

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