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Meaningful Advice For Those Using Antenna Positioners Out In The Field

Antenna positioners are designed to hold antennas on structures and move them around to specified angles. If you have operations that utilize these positioners, here are some tips to remember when using them.

Save Preset Angles 

If you've relied on antenna positioners for a while now, you probably have certain angles that you use more than others to facilitate tracking operations. It's a good idea to save these angles in software that corresponds with your antenna positioners.

Then when you need to make adjustments quickly, you can simply activate a preset and the antenna positioner will immediately respond. You won't have to mess around with manual adjustments that may not be as accurate as these preset angles. You can change these presets any time you want to. Just go into the antenna positioner software and make the appropriate adjustments to your liking.

Opt For Protective Coats to Avoid Damage

Since your company's antenna positioners will more than likely be exposed to outside elements, it's paramount to have these components treated with protective coats. That's going to make them weatherproof and subsequently less vulnerable to damaging conditions. 

You can talk to antenna positioner manufacturers about the proactive coating options they have and get recommendations too. Then you can trust your positioners are going to last around relevant environments for a long time, saving you a ton of money in repairs and restorations.

Continue Testing Antenna Positioner's Reliability

If you want to ensure your antenna positioner is providing optimal movement based on angles you need antennas to be at for accurate tracking, then you need to continue testing this system's reliability. Then if there is ever something off, you'll have insights into this before your tracking operations are severely affected.

When using preset angle settings, make sure the positioner complies with these requests. Also, verify manual adjustments are precise according to your inputs. If you find that any of these aspects are off, it's best to have the positioner looked at by a licensed inspector who can give you more feedback on what's happening with performance. 

If you have to track various structures or vehicles in remote locations, then antenna positioners are great devices to invest in. You just need to know how to use them properly over the years in order to ensure they reach their projected lifespans, as well as perform optimally whenever you're engaging in tracking activities around the world. 

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